Saturday, August 15, 2009


Bogota Journal 08 Last 003Zipaquira is a little town very near Bogota City, were you can find a lot of places to visit. On of those places is “The Salt Cathedra”. As featured in the “Bogota Travel Journal” book, the cathedral was named, the first wonder of Colombia. It is one of a kind, you will find out when you visit, that is colder underground than it is above. The architects that design the cathedral were very keen to detail as you will see in the photos of the book and also if you decide to visit.

The Cathedral has a new chamber were they show you a 3D movie of the whole mine and you can also experience and learn the process of how they dig inside to extract the mineral salt. Since this is a working mine, it is still in operation, but the chamber of the cathedral is very safe and secure.

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