Monday, July 20, 2009

Colombia’s Independence Day

Bogota Journal 2008 470Today, July 20th 2009 is the independence day of the country of Colombia. 199th Anniversary, since Simon Bolivar declared them free from Spanish dominance.  We have featured in the book the knowledge of the celebration of their Bicentennial next year. It is very good time to all of their historical landmarks, like the “Museo Quinta de Bolivar”, that was Bolivar’s house in Bogota and has all of the furniture that He used when he lived there. Also you can visit, “Manuela's House” and “Bolivar’s Square”. We will keep you up to date on all of the events that are schedule for this celebration and also hope that you can separate some time to visit and experience the city and all it’s grandeur in this very special occasion.

In the picture you will see a head statue of Simon Bolivar, that is also in the book.

If you want to see and read more information on all of the place’s mentioned here, go to: and pick up a copy of the book. 

Thanks and till next time. And a happy independence day for all of Colombia.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bogota Transmilenio

The New York Times featured an article on Bogota’s mass transit system called “Transmilenio”.  The Transmilenio is a system of buses organized in exclusive high ways, were only these type of buses can transit. This makes it as fast as a metro system and less costly to the city. This system of buses has been a huge success in Bogota, Colombia and other cities like Mexico and Chile are already building or planning to build one. It is a safe way to travel in and around the city of Bogota.

In our journal we feature a picture of a station and bus located in the historical center at downtown Bogota, Colombia. In the picture you can see the bus and how people travel there. The Transmilenio was inaugurated in 2001, we were there and experienced the crowded lines and excitement of this new and revolutionary way of transportation. I though that the hype would not last, but even in our recent visits to Bogota, Transmilenio is an important and sure option for the people in Bogota city and also tourist. It is well organized and still maintained in great shape.

We encourage you to use this type of transportation city, but if you do not like crowds, we recommend that you use taxi. But is a good experience, since in a short span of time, the “Transmilenio” B.R.T. or Bus Rapid System, has become a landmark of the city of Bogota. So try to ride on it in your stay, at least one time.

If you want to see the picture that we took visit:

If you want to read the New York Times article, go to and search for the word Bogota.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bogota Travel Journal Book as a reference

Use the book as a reference. Yes, a reference of places to visit in your trip to Bogota, Colombia. We have reviewed and taken picture’s of: “The Gold Museum”, “Quinta de Bolivar Museum”, “The Hill of Monserrate”, “Bolivar’s Square”, and much more. In total we have review 10 wonderful places that we know you will enjoy visiting in Bogota, Colombia.

The book is arrange so you can schedule your visit’s to these places, not waste time and enjoy your stay in each one of them. If you want a preview of the book, you can find it at

Below you will see a picture of the statue of a miner, located near the entrance of “The Salt Cathedral” in Zipaquira.

Bogota Journal Rest & Rings Catalog 013

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bogota a cosmopolitan city

Bogota is a cosmopolitan city. You can find everything you want as in any big city of the USA. Restaurants, malls, fast foods, museums, and much more. It’s historical center is surrounded by interesting places to visit. Both historical and new. If you travel for business or pleasure you will feel welcome by its people and places. We recommend that you visit Bolivar’s Square first, as you will find in the book, its the best starting point for this city. You will enjoy the square and its surrounding and also you can visit nearby places that are also featured in the book as “Manuelita Saenz House” and “The gold museum”. They are at walking distance from the square and you can schedule to visit two places in one they. But if you have a couple of day’s we urge you to schedule one day for “The gold museum” or at least half a day.

Schedule your visits with the book, the place’s feature are the most interesting and relevant of this city. 

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Bogota Journal 2008 347

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you

We just receive the printed copy of our book and it’s great! There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment of getting things done. Nothing better than having your creation in your hands. A creation that began with an idea. So we thank for the opportunity of being first time publish authors and encourage  everyone that has an idea for a book to take it a day at a time and do not procrastinate on the effort. So thank you and our readers too. Pick your copy up at .

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bogota in Xmas

Bogota Journal 2008 350

Bogota, Colombia is a great place to visit any time of year. We prefer to visit on Christmas Holiday. It is very nice, not so much crowded and it is very well decorated. All of the places featured in the Bogota Travel Journal, were visited by us on this time of year. Since this is a very cosmopolitan city, all the places of interest open in Holiday season except for the December 25th and January 1st.  You should always check local schedules, to be sure. The main streets and avenues are decorated with lighting extensions. A great example is in “Bolivar’s Square”, also featured in the Book. In the below picture you can see the big tree in the middle of the the “Square” and all of the smaller trees all around it. We recommend that you visit at least for a day this place of interest and walk around its vicinities, shops and restaurants.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Journal

Bogota, Colombia is a great city to travel to. We feature in the book the most interesting places you can visit there. We also include nearby locations, like The salt cathedral in Zipaquira, Fuquene Lagoon, Raquira and Tunja. These places complete a visit to Bogota. You will also find a lot of pictures of the places that are featured in the book. In the understanding that a picture is worth a 1000 words, they complement the description that we made of these locations. We are very proud of this effort and hope that you enjoy the result of our travels there. We also hope that is helpful for your travel arrangements for visiting this exiting city to visit. We encourage you to consult your travel agent and enjoy your visit.

Bogota Journal Rest & Rings Catalog 004This is a picture of the “Miner’s Virgin”, in The salt cathedral in Zipaquira.