Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bogota Travel Journal Book as a reference

Use the book as a reference. Yes, a reference of places to visit in your trip to Bogota, Colombia. We have reviewed and taken picture’s of: “The Gold Museum”, “Quinta de Bolivar Museum”, “The Hill of Monserrate”, “Bolivar’s Square”, and much more. In total we have review 10 wonderful places that we know you will enjoy visiting in Bogota, Colombia.

The book is arrange so you can schedule your visit’s to these places, not waste time and enjoy your stay in each one of them. If you want a preview of the book, you can find it at

Below you will see a picture of the statue of a miner, located near the entrance of “The Salt Cathedral” in Zipaquira.

Bogota Journal Rest & Rings Catalog 013

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