Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bogota Transmilenio

The New York Times featured an article on Bogota’s mass transit system called “Transmilenio”.  The Transmilenio is a system of buses organized in exclusive high ways, were only these type of buses can transit. This makes it as fast as a metro system and less costly to the city. This system of buses has been a huge success in Bogota, Colombia and other cities like Mexico and Chile are already building or planning to build one. It is a safe way to travel in and around the city of Bogota.

In our journal we feature a picture of a station and bus located in the historical center at downtown Bogota, Colombia. In the picture you can see the bus and how people travel there. The Transmilenio was inaugurated in 2001, we were there and experienced the crowded lines and excitement of this new and revolutionary way of transportation. I though that the hype would not last, but even in our recent visits to Bogota, Transmilenio is an important and sure option for the people in Bogota city and also tourist. It is well organized and still maintained in great shape.

We encourage you to use this type of transportation city, but if you do not like crowds, we recommend that you use taxi. But is a good experience, since in a short span of time, the “Transmilenio” B.R.T. or Bus Rapid System, has become a landmark of the city of Bogota. So try to ride on it in your stay, at least one time.

If you want to see the picture that we took visit:

If you want to read the New York Times article, go to and search for the word Bogota.

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