Monday, July 13, 2009

Bogota a cosmopolitan city

Bogota is a cosmopolitan city. You can find everything you want as in any big city of the USA. Restaurants, malls, fast foods, museums, and much more. It’s historical center is surrounded by interesting places to visit. Both historical and new. If you travel for business or pleasure you will feel welcome by its people and places. We recommend that you visit Bolivar’s Square first, as you will find in the book, its the best starting point for this city. You will enjoy the square and its surrounding and also you can visit nearby places that are also featured in the book as “Manuelita Saenz House” and “The gold museum”. They are at walking distance from the square and you can schedule to visit two places in one they. But if you have a couple of day’s we urge you to schedule one day for “The gold museum” or at least half a day.

Schedule your visits with the book, the place’s feature are the most interesting and relevant of this city. 

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Bogota Journal 2008 347

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  1. For the most part, you will be lucky to find a place that offers everything that you wish for. Luckily for you there are places like Bogota that exist. I love Bogota!

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